Tropico 6 Crime Safety


In Tropico 6, Happiness is the average of Food, Healthcare, Fun, Faith, Housing, Job, Liberty, and Crime Safety.

Crime Safety

Crime Safety is the average of the Crime Safety of a citizen’s house and his workplace. A citizen’s fun activitives, such as visiting a nighclub which reduces huge crime safety, do not affect his crime safety rating.

The base value of Crime safety is 50 anywhere on the map. Crime safety emitters add to or subtract from the base value.

The Crime Safety overlay is not updated in realtime. It may be showing the average crime safety over the past months. Save and Reload the game to show Crime Safety at the current moment.

In this screen grab, the crime safety of the cursor-pointed area is unusually high at 54.5. This is where the palace used to be, and I moved the palace away. Reload the game to see the new value.

“A buidling changes crime safety by 0” is not trivial. It means this building is suseptible to crime safety modifiers. Take guard tower which changes crime safety by 0 by default. But under the edict Right to Arm, guard tower reduces crime safety and accordingly encourages more criminals.


The edict Right to Arm and the constitution option Total Surveillance are both Crime Safety Happiness Modifiers according to the game text, but they work disparately.

The constitution option Total Surveillance increases the base value of Crime safety by 5.

On the other hand, the edict Right to Arm reduces values of crime safety emitters. For example, palace is supposed to emit crime safety 5, but with Right to Arm level 0, palace emits crime safety -5. When Right to Arm reaches level 1, the palace will emit crime safety 0. Right to Arm does not make non-crime safety emitter emit (negative) crime safety. For instance, Library that is irrelavent to crime safety will not emit minus crime safety.

Accordingly, when the edict Right to Arm is level 0, security checkpoints emit -5 crime safety. That is, it encourages more criminals. When the edict Right to Arm is level 2, security checkpoints emit +0 crime safety, like what the user asked here. Guard towers are the same. They may emit negative crime safety and negative liberty, so that they encourage more rebels for them to fight with.

How to reach Crime Safety Happiness to 61?

For starters, spawn police stations. Because crime Safety is the average of the Crime Safety of a citizen’s house and his workplace, it is more effective to place a station in a residential zone rather than a busy leisure zone. It is also more effective in a dense industry area rather than an agriculture area.

The emitted crime safety of a police station is only affected by budget, not by the number of workers. Hence, to save wages, you may leave a single worker slot open.

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