Tropico 6細節


Tropicans (citizen in tropico) don’t have to walk along roads. They walk in the wilderness.

Teamster Port

teamsters can depart Port to Teamster Port.

Constructors and Tropicans will land at Teamster Port, if the road or the bridge is too far away.

Bus Garage

A bus can wait at a stop for 2 months before departing.

There is no limit on the number of buses on route, as long as workers come to work. No workers should be waiting in the bus garage.

The game alternates the starting point of a bus. When a bus leaves the bus garage, it has been assigned its starting point, which could be the starting stop or the ending stop. In case the bus starts at the ending stop, it will not load passengers at the start stop, even if the bus drives through.

When the bus (driver) reaches its starting point, he clocks in I believe, and then actually starts working. When he reaches its ending point (which may be the starting stop or the ending stop), the game will evaluate his working hours. If he has finished his working hours, he will not load passengers at the destination. Instead, he will drive the empty bus back to the bus garage.

bus –>

Suppose a bus is spawned to start at E (the ending stop).

bus (skip) –>

Bus will skip the starting stop because it must start as E.

bus (load)

Bus will load passengers at E.

If a worker is full color (at work) but the tooltip says he is heading to Bus Garage, his bus must not have passenger. This means he was driving as an outbound bus, and now he is returning empty.