as proof, as evidence, as a girl可以用在句子开头吗?


Children love stories. As evidence/As proof, they fall asleep while listening to music.

请问as proof, as evidence在此处用法正确吗?


从语法角度,这里as后面跟noun (phrase),修饰整个句子。The part of speech of as is connective or preposition.

Oxford English Dictionary有

a. Introducing a clause modifying the whole main clause or some part other than its predicate: in accordance with what (is); in the way men, things, etc., go: see go v. Phrases 3a(b).

as a rule: see rule n.1 Phrases 1h. as usual: see usual adj. 4d.

a. Introducing a noun phrase equivalent to a subject or object complement.

所以,as+noun phrase不能修饰整个句子。

至于as a girl,根据11,as可以引导修饰主语的名词,或宾语补语。

但是9a有例外,如as a rule, as usual。